Bugs and Beetles Infest Black and White House Museum, Hereford!

2017 saw the completion of an amazing collaboration between three Arts Society groups - Hereford, Malvern and Ross-on-Wye.  The 12 members spent 7,158 hours stitching crewel embroidery drapes for the four poster bed in Hereford's Black and White House Museum.  The house, built in 1621, is a well preserved timber-framed building.  Now the city museum, it was originally a butcher's home and shop, part of a row of shops in the heart of Hereford.  An impressive sight and a reminder of times gone by, it is furnished in Jacobean style with an internationally important collection of rare wall paintings and English oak furniture, including the four poster bed and baby walkers.  It has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment project and there are now hands-on activities for children.

The modern embroideries, using 40 stitches, were designed by Sally Ziesler, drawing on traditional 17th century imagery including the 'tree of life' motif from a carved chest in the house.   The individual flowers, leaves and birds were the inspiration of the rest of the group.  In addition, Sue Pemberton designed and worked a cushion for a settle including hop kilns, SAS helicopter, a Wye salmon and many other modern and traditional Herefordshire features, etc.

The whole project culminated in a sense of fun and pleasure when every piece of the completed work was embellished with a signature choice of bug or beetle sewn by each member.    A job of which to be proud, to be enjoyed by the public for many years to come, this impressive work is on permanent display in the museum.